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Type & Cross


A homemade virus with deadly global implications.

A disgruntled scientist with a coded plan.

And a nightmare-plagued, tequila-swilling psychologist-for-hire tasked with finding him before he succeeds.

Dr. Persephone Smith is gifted with enhanced empathy—the ability to get inside the heads of those criminals too twisted for other psychologists to unravel. But her success comes with a steep price. Scarred from too many descents into the dark minds of her subjects, Seph has lost her faith in God and Man. She lives only for her work—and for her sister, Grace.

When a bioterrorist triggers a pandemic, the government assigns Seph and a crack team of scientists to hunt him down and force him to divulge the cure. Dr. William Baine turns out to be easy to find but hard to hold, and Seph soon discovers he has a genetic secret of his own—a secret which holds the key to both his coded journal and the formula for the cure. His special abilities are a perfect foil to her own, and, as their psychological bond deepens, he leads her on a cat-and-mouse chase around the world, from the smoky tobacco shops of Bermuda to the underground tunnels of Geneva. There, with the pandemic threatening to exterminate most of humanity, Seph must confront her fears and use her empathetic connection to a monster to save the world, her sister and, ultimately, herself.

What’s your type? Your survival depends on it.


Type and Cross